Less Stressed, More Mindful
Type: Online Workshop
Location: Online
Bibliotherapy / Courses / Listed 16 Jun 2020

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Maybe you’re not exactly where you hoped you would be.  Maybe you have made some mistakes and wrong turns.  What if you could forgive yourself?  What…
Question 07/09/18

Question 07/09/18

Question 07/09/18
Kick those limiting beliefs into touch! Like our own internal health & safety department, anxiety and self-doubt exist to try and keep us safe. It…
Question 07/09/18

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Changing Habits for Good Written by Shahroo Izadi
Book 28/09/19

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Do you enjoy reading? Do you struggle with your relationship with food? Would you like to explore this is a safe environment in which you ca…
Location: Tunbridge Wells - Venue TBC

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Have you ever wondered how “just talking about my problems” could ever change things?  If so, read on… Maybe you’ve considered seeing a counsellor o…
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“Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves” – Pema Chödrön Dr Kristin Neff is the author the “The Power of Self-Compassion” and a Profes…
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